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July 31, 2013

Mexico: Still a Middle Class Society? – The Expert Take

WILSON CENTER – Mexico Institute – By Luis Rubio and Luis de la Calle  While Mexico’s society is evolving fast, it surely has not become a fully transformed, democratic, wealthy Western country, but it is clearly moving in that direction. In our book, Mexico: A middle class society, Poor No More, Developed Not Yet, we argued that […]

July 28, 2013

War Against SMBs

Luis Rubio In his book From Beirut to Jerusalem Thomas Friedman describes his experiences as a correspondent in the Lebanese capital at the middle of the civil war that characterized that country some decades ago. In an especially vivid scene, while mortar explosions and shots were heard through the window, the hostess at a dinner […]

July 23, 2013

China, Mexico and…

FORBES – Luis Rubio The visit of President Xi Jinping to Mexico constitutes a milestone not only in the bilateral relationship of the two nations but also in the broadest geopolitical dimension that, due to the growth of the Asian giant, changes day to day. For the Chinese government, the oriental culture of Sun Tzu […]

July 21, 2013

The Cost of Sacred Cows

Luis Rubio How many jobs, and growth points, are the Mexican society –and its government- willing to lose because of the itch to preserve entelechies like Pemex and the CFE? The government has announced that it will guide itself by productivity criteria and that it will devote itself to creating conditions for accelerating its growth. […]

July 14, 2013


Luis Rubio The obsession with raising tax revenues reminds me of the film Brewster’s Millions, with Richard Pryor in the lead role. Brewster would receive an enormous inheritance but only if he spent 30 million dollars in one month or he’d lose it. The objective of the one bequeathing the funds was to show Pryor’s […]

July 9, 2013

Paradoxos eleitorais

INFOLATAM – Luis Rubio Eleições México  Ao final, todos ganharam algo que permitirá que a vida política siga adiante. O que se sofreu foram as excessivas expectativas de alguns dos concorrentes, estivessem nas cédulas eleitorais ou não. Ou seja, o México continua vivendo a normalidade. Este primeiro grupo de eleições locais nos seis anos de Enrique […]

Electoral Paradoxes

INFOLATAM – Luis Rubio In the end, all won something that will let political life to carry on. What did suffer were the excessive expectations of some of the contenders, whether on the electoral ballot or not. That is, Mexico continues living its normality. This first group of local elections in Enrique Peña-Nieto’s six-year term […]

July 7, 2013


Luis Rubio “In a riot, as in a novel”, wrote Alexis de Tocqueville, “the most difficult thing is to invent the ending.” In this same book, Recollections, the astute French observer noted that “I am firmly convinced that chance can do nothing (without considering) antecedent facts, the nature of institutions, turns of mind, the state […]