• China and Mexico Ahead

      Luis Rubio The 2008 crisis was a watershed for China. Up to then, the great Asian nation underwent an accelerated transition from the socialism of Mao Tse-tung toward the liberalization headed by    Deng Xiaoping, which yielded more than thirty years of annual growth rates of more than 10%. The expectation for the West was […]

  • The denial

    Luis Rubio A few years ago, when Beijing was getting ready to receive the heads of government that make up APEC, the city government closed hundreds of factories and banned the circulation of millions of vehicles, all in the interest of reducing air pollution and trying to give it a less dirty facade to the […]

  • The vision and the power grab

    Wilson Center    Mexico Institute                                                                                   by Luis Rubio @lrubiof  One hundred days to consolidate a power […]

  • Obsessions

    Luis Rubio All the governments of the world, of all colors, want private investment, but none can get it by force. Nobody -big or small, national or foreign- assumes risks or commitments without feeling comfortable and welcome, and those feelings do not depend on political speeches or the will of the ruler, but on the […]

  • Face to face

    Luis Rubio The numbers do not lie, but they tell two very different stories. On the one hand, the president enjoys an unprecedented level of approval; a parallel indicator, that of consumer confidence, reaches figures not seen in almost two decades. The paradox is that these figures are not related to consumption, which has been […]

  • Security and Government

    Luis Rubio Groucho Marx, a comedian of the last century, said it with absolute clarity: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” The government has great clarity about several of the problems afflicting the country but it is critical to ask ourselves: What […]

  • The Pemex Downgrade Was a Warning. Is AMLO Listening?

     AMERICAS QUARTERLY – FEBRUARY 14, 2019   Mexico’s president has so far governed as if by fiat. If he doesn’t heed market warnings, he may be in for a rude awakening. Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a vision, but not a plan. His long-term objective to recentralize power is clear, but the specifics of everyday […]

  • Regime of exception

    Luis Rubio Public security is a sine qua non condition for the development of the country and the issue that most concerns citizens. The problem is not new, but all attempts to confront it have proven insufficient, if not a failure. The three most recent administrations -each with its level of arrogance- has assumed the […]

  • Checks and Balances

             Luis Rubio One way of thinking about what is to come is to contrast what the new government says that it wants to achieve and what it in fact proposes to do. The case for austerity is illustrative: nearly the first priority of the new Congress was the Law of Austerity, […]

  • Narrative and government

    Luis Rubio According to the historian Micah Goodman, the difference between animals and humans is that the former live exclusively in the present and act instinctively, while humans think and care about the future. The future is always unknown and generates fear, for which humans turn to religion and politicians. Religion allows to calm the […]

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