• Coercion

    Coercion Luis Rubio “The compulsion to silence others is as old as the urge to speak” affirms Eric Berkowitz* in an extraordinary study on censoreship. For nearly a century the post-Revolutionary Mexican government suppressed freedom of expression, engaged in all sorts of efforts to censure the media, controlled the conversation and curbed the entry into […]

  • Turmoil

    Luis Rubio An ancient Chinese proverb argues that “when there is turmoil under the heavens, little problems become big problems, and big problems are not dealt with at all. When there is order under the heavens, big problems are reduced to small problems, and small problems should not obsess us.” Judging by the account furnished […]

  • Pettiness or Greatness

    Luis Rubio The dearth of statesmen in the world, argued Napoleon, is due to the complexity inherent in the function: “to get power you need to display absolute pettiness. To exercise power, you need to show true greatness.” Nearly three years after he assumed the presidency, it is evident that Andrés Manuel López Obrador does […]

  • Mexico and the Art of Governing

      Mexico Today –  July 14, 2021 Luis Rubio  Governing is the art of managing the gap between citizen expectations and day-to-day realities says Argentinean economist David Konzevik. Mexico is a living example of the huge rift between both elements and also of the inability of its government to bridge it. The question here is why. […]

  • Unfortunate Bedfellows

    Mexico Today –  July 07, 2021 Luis Rubio  No one can mistake the government of China for the government of Mexico. Regardless of their huge historical and cultural differences, both countries are pursuing transformation, each in its own way and style. Whatever the future of the Asian giant holds, the great contrast between the two countries […]

  • Mexico’s cycle of reforms

    Mexico Today –  July 02, 2021 Luis Rubio  There’s an old proverb that says that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Something like this happened to Mexico in the late 20th century with several reforms of its electoral system. The reforms were devised by political actors who wanted to lead Mexico towards, first, […]

  • The Mexican president’s harm to institutions

    Mexico Today –  June  23, 2021 Luis Rubio  President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came to power in 2018 with the clear idea that the economic and government reforms economic that previous Mexican administrations enacted since 1983 had to be repealed. In his mind, Mexico’s problems began with those reforms, so repealing them was a must. Since […]

  • Mexico’s next three years

    Mexico Today –  June 15, 2021 Luis Rubio   Citizens spoke loud and clear during Mexico’s midterm election. Now, the entire political system will have to adapt to a new reality. In a show of great wisdom, Mexicans ratified its trust in the the country’s independent elections authority (INE), rejected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s excesses, demanded […]

  • Let’s Vote

     Luis Rubio Today’s the day, the day of the citizenry. The day on which, with their vote, the citizens will individually express their feel for the government and their expectation for the future. There have been few times that a midterm election has been so transcendental, and that is because the President has defined the […]

  • Mexican Nostalgia

      WILSON CENTER, Mexico Institute 6/1/2021   By Luis Rubio An old aphorism holds that nostalgia is not what it used to be. However, it constitutes a heavy burden that never quite disappears. Two sources of nostalgia cloud Tyrians and Trojans in current Mexican politics. AMLO leads with his nostalgia for the 70s, the idyllic moment in his […]

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