• Resentments

    Luis Rubio There is nothing older than resentment, above all of the poor toward the rich. Nor is it new to the politicians’ resource of exploiting and provoking grievances, real or imagined. Isocrates, one of the great Greek orators of the IV century A.C., accused hostility, but he recognized it as a typical emotion of […]

  • Shot in the Foot

    Luis Rubio Continuity is normal when a government changes, with natural adjustments for style and personality. The president changes, but the country continues along its course: the new government imprints its forms, preferences, and priorities, but in general perpetuates the essence of what the government is and its relationship with the society. On occasion, for […]

  • The New Vogue

    Luis Rubio From generalized and unpunished corruption Mexico has moved to centralized and purified corruption. What is left is the same corruption as always: only the adjectives changed. The circus begins around the detention and extradition of the Pemex ex-CEO Emilio Lozoya but the corruption remains: a great hubbub, grand negotiations and a sole objective: […]

  • A Government Besieged

    Luis Rubio  Like so many other things in life, organized crime functions in and adapts to the environment in which it operates: when it encounters resistance it retreats, when the lay of the land is auspicious it advances. Where there are rules and compliance to them is enforced, there is adherence to them. In the […]

  • Pitfalls

    Luis Rubio  Financial advisers often differentiate between low-risk, low-return investments, from higher-risk bets, albeit with higher potential returns. The President’s trip to Washington followed a different logic: high risk with low returns. Given what was involved, it was not a bad strategy, but victory can only be claimed once it becomes clear that the reverberations […]

  • Panaceas

    Luis Rubio Divergent objectives that aim to solve a common problem. Perhaps in this way one could begin to appreciate the complexity inherent to the new North American trade agreement. Each of the governments involved had its priorities and the result is the new USMCA that was inaugurated this week. Like any instrument, it has […]

  • USMCA Becomes a Reality

     Wilson Center, June 29, 2020 Luis Rubio Fellows and staff from the Wilson Center’s Canada and Mexico Institutes answer questions about the impact of the July 1 implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Luis Rubio Global Fellow & Advisory Board Member, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center; President, COMEXI June 29, 2020, Mexico City, Mexico NAFTA […]

  • Costly Playthings

    Luis Rubio Oil could have been a blessing -or the curse that López Velarde, a 19th century poet. ordained for Mexicans- but PEMEX is the grand ballast that is sinking public finances and, with these, the country.  The distinction between these is key because it lies at the heart of the energy dispute the country […]

  • Can He Win?

    Luis Rubio In democracies with re-election, the advantages for the incumbent are more than evident. However, I daresay that, for now, many months distant, the U.S. presidential election is Biden’s to lose, provided he knows how to win it, which is certainly not obvious. Joe Biden is the virtual winner of the Democratic Party nomination […]

  • Blame Politics for Mexico’s Recession, Not Just the Pandemic

    Luis Rubio – Americas Quarterly – June 10, 2020 Mexico Blame Politics for Mexico’s Recession, Not Just the Pandemic The economy was shrinking long before the virus arrived. MEXICO CITY – The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has argued that the coronavirus crisis “fits like a glove.” He never clarified what he meant […]

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