• Regime Change?

    Luis Rubio The government and its coterie state that through their election in 2018 they achieved a regime change in Mexico, which explains (and justifies) all the outrages, excesses and problems that characterize the Mexican economy and society today. According to this thesis, the actions taken by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration stem from a […]

  • An Unknown World

    Luis Rubio Three expressions sum up the disagreement characterizing the country’s economy at present and that explain the paralysis (stagnation with a strong propensity toward recession), lack of progress and bad prospects. Presidential rhetoric will camouflage the problematic with grandiose phrases such as “this is not a change of government, this is a change of […]

  • Impunity

    Luis Rubio Professor Samuel Huntington caused a scandal when, in the middle of the Cold War, he wrote that what was important for a government did not lie in its ideological characteristics but in its effectiveness (Political Order in Changing Societies, 1968). What gave rise to the uproar was his affirmation that the US, the UK […]

  • Similarities and Differences

    Luis Rubio  “The history of Mexico,” says a well-known analyst, “is first and foremost the history of personalized power -of the concentration of all the levers of power and resources- in the hands of a leader standing above society, of a succession of leaders and their regimes. Breaking away from the post-PRI era required a leader […]

  • Conflict and Institutions

    Luis Rubio The big question is how Mexicans are going to get out of this one. Aside from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s approval ratings, all indicators are pointing the wrong way: the economy is stagnating, employment does not grow, the government continues to amass legal and fiscal tools to persecute citizens and there is not […]

  • Pandemic

    Luis Rubio The master of the house unequivocally, maybe unbearably, threatened his wife: bring me a little girl as a “gift” or I will rape our daughters. The woman responded by bringing him a little girl. Perhaps the dilemma was existential, but the woman complied, condemning as she did an innocent child. We all know what […]

  • The Costs of Doing Nothing

    Luis Rubio The Mexican book of anecdotes tells the story of President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines (1952-1958) keeping a completely tidy desk, with the exception of two bins: the first was labeled “Problems that resolve themselves” and the second, “Problems that time takes care of”. This political philosophy, carried over time, allowed successive Mexican administrations back in […]

  • Building the Future

    Luis Rubio The future is built, whether consciously or unconsciously. The Mexican President, through his actions, decisions and rhetoric, shapes it, like it or not. Nearly a year and a half after the beginning of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration, there are two things that are very clear: first, his objective is to change the […]

  • Can Mexico Wake Up from AMLO’s Impossible Dream?

      Luis Rubio Americas Quarterly – February 13, 2020     To build a better economy, Mexico needs to focus on the future – not the past. MEXICO CITY – Nostalgia may be a natural human trait, but nostalgic Mexicans today are facing a dilemma: choosing between different, and dueling, views of the past. On […]

  • There’s No Turning Back

     Luis Rubio The past will not return: Mexico and the world changed, each at its own rhythm and circumstance. Thus, the only certainty is that we are facing a different future. The “old” order is over; we find ourselves in the face of a historic rift of enormous proportions and the more one delays in […]

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