• Parallels?

    Luis Rubio As Marx pointed out, history repeats itself, the first time as a tragedy, second as a farce. For his part, Santayana argued that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Repeated or not, it is imperative not to ignore key historical moments to at least understand the risks […]

  • Jack-of-All-Trades

    Luis Rubio Jack-of-all-trades (Milusos in Spanish) is one of the most accurate, and audacious at the same time, characterizations of the Mexican who can do nothing other than to work for a living. Héctor Suárez, an actor, popularized the term in his film of the same name, a drama and simultaneously a social critique: the […]

  • Opinion: How the populist narrative will challenge Mexico’s next president

        Luis Rubio April 30, 2024  The advent of populist movements, from the left and the right, has been accompanied by a rejection of globalization and a systematic call for the reappearance of an all-powerful government, aimed at correcting the ills that afflict humanity. This populist narrative does not deny the extraordinary progress in […]

  • Context

    Luis Rubio The advent of populist currents, left as well as right, has been accompanied by the rejection of so-called globalization and a systemic summons for the reappearance of an all-powerful government, aiming at correcting the ills afflicting humanity. That narrative does not deny the extraordinary advance of the prosperity and diminution of poverty that […]

  • The Fork Ahead for Mexico

     Luis Rubio There are decisive moments in the life of people and the history of nations that determine the beginning of an era and the end of another. The coming election on June 2 may well be one of these. This is neither good nor bad -only time can tell- but it can well be […]

  • Risks

    Luis Rubio The great success in politico-electoral matters of the last few decades was creating conditions of certainty regarding the electoral competition for those that would govern Mexico. The two electoral authorities (the National Electoral Institute [INE] and the Electoral Tribunal) came into being to avoid the persistence of the fraudulent practices in electoral matters […]

  • Foundations

    Luis Rubio The stakes of the coming election are much higher than just one person being the winner this coming June second. Mexico has wasted too much time shirking fundamental decisions on how it is going to develop, a circumstance that betrays the incapacity and unwillingness of the leading members of successive governments throughout many […]

  • To Succeed at Life

    Luis Rubio A legend relates that, on being part of the academic advisory committee of a student thesis, the great teacher Gabino Fraga found himself with a student whose work did not merit approval but whose capacity to be a successful professional was evident, were he just to propose it to himself. The committee members debated and, […]

  • Incompatibilities

    Luis Rubio “To be or not to be, that is the question” spoke Hamlet in his famous and introspective monologue. Presidential campaigns tend to lapse into contradictions and incompatibilities -to be or not to be- because they have of necessity to reconcile interests, groups and projects that are not compatible or coherent among themselves; they […]

  • Today’s Play

    Luis Rubio Sarajevo 1914. Gavrilo Princip shoots Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. One more assassination, except that this one would have indescribable consequences, starting with dozens of millions of deaths. An apparently insignificant event unleashes forces that after it nothing or no one could contain. Thus begin the great changes: with small things that […]

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