• Votes and Government

    Luis Rubio The Mexican citizenry has been disillusioned for many years with politics. It was supposed, first, that the reforms would restore the capacity of economic growth and, afterward, that democracy would reduce corruption and bring the politicians –these latter the alleged representatives of the people- closer to the voters. Neither of these transpired, at […]

  • Mexico’s challenge: inclusion

    Mexico Today –  April  15 , 2021 Luis Rubio  Inequality is a structural feature of Mexico: social background, geographical location, and the environment have built an uneven playing field since ancestral times. Mexico is not unique in having inherited a social structure and an orography that create unequal sociopolitical and economic conditions. Where Mexico does stand […]

  • China: Where to go from here and Mexico’s opportunity

    Mexico Today –  April  7 , 2021 Luis Rubio   China has become a topic of endless debate: Will China replace the United States as the next superpower? Is China’s trademark authoritarianism superior to democracy? Is China’s seemingly unstoppable economic pace sustainable? These are all relevant questions. The attempts to answer them and define future scenarios […]

  • Mexico & the United States: Zero Options

    Mexico Today –  March 30 , 2021 Luis Rubio  When divorce is out of the question, the two parties have to find a way to compromise. That’s been the logic that Mexico and the United States have followed regarding their shared border. A mere glance around the world proves there are much worse alternatives. Nevertheless, everything […]

  • Mexico’s President: from Bartender to Drunkard

    Mexico Today –  March  24, 2021 Luis Rubio *In solidarity with José Ramón Cossio An old joke goes like this: a candidate offers constituents a choice of heaven or hell. The voter first visits heaven, finding everything calm and in order. Then he goes to hell, where he finds manicured gardens, tables full of mouthwatering dishes, […]

  • Three strikes against Mexico’s president

    Mexico Today – March 17, 2021  The current moment in Mexico’s can be summed up in a tweet published last week: “President (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) prepared himself more thoroughly for (confronting the March 8) women’s march than for the (Covid-19) vaccine rollout”. López Obrador’s decision to build a formidable protective wall around Mexico’s National Palace […]

  • Starting Over

    Mexico Today –  March  10, 2021 Observers and scholars of Mexican transition to democracy hold two views. One maintains that the transition ended the day when fair and contested elections were held in the late 1990s, allowing a peaceful transfer of power in the year 2000. The other argues that the Mexican political system has not […]

  • By the book

    Luis Rubio Mexico Today –  March 02 , 2021  The U.S. establishment managed to turn the Covid-19 pandemic into yet another point of contention and polarization. The issue joins a myriad of divisive factors that over the last decade and a half produced three polar opposite administrations: Obama’s, Trump’s, and now Biden’s. Where there is practically […]

  • Waterloo

    Mexico Today – March 01,  2021  Undoubtedly, each government forges its own history, some due to their achievements, others because of their dogmatism. If something characterizes the current Mexican government, it’s its absolute lack of ability (or willingness) to learn. Since it arrived in power in December 2018, the López Obrador administration’s script has been absolute […]

  • Wicked past

    Luis Rubio Mexico Today – February 21,  2021   It has become commonplace to state, with deep conviction, that everything in Mexico’s recent past was bad and that the current López Obrador administration is therefore the country’s salvation. Although some Mexicans see this as mere political rhetoric, many others believe this is an absolute truth beyond question. […]

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