• Back to Reality

    Luis Rubio The cartoon depicts Herman Munster, the abnormal fictional personage of the T.V. series of a half century ago, seated kindly next to a little girl who tells him: “I thought you were a monster, but you’re tender and sensitive,” to which Herman responds, “The thing is that I’m only campaigning for votes.” Whatever […]

  • Back to the Past Anew

    Luis Rubio Just when it seemed that, with the AMLO government, many of the worst vices of the old Mexican political system would be eradicated by an administration that says it represents a new regime, the daily comings and goings reveal the contrary, recreating as they do the worst practices of old. This recognition came […]

  • Government: What for?

    Luis Rubio Things are not going well for the government and not even the daily morning “press conference” – or all its sarcastic rhetoric- can hide it. The economic situation deteriorates systematically and there is no reason to expect it to improve under current conditions. The events of Culiacan show not only a tragic setting, […]

  • Mexico vs Spain et al

    Luis Rubio Mexico carried out innumerable reforms –economic as well as political- along the last four decades and, however, the results were insufficient or, at least, very unequal. Some sectors and regions of the country grew and benefited, others stagnated and have been unable to emerge from their lethargy. But even where advances have been […]

  • Step by step…

    Step by step… Luis Rubio The excuse is corruption; the reality is total control. Step by step, the president consolidates his position, subordinates Congress and, now, the Supreme Court of Justice, while intimidating the various relevant sectors of society. The message is clear: here I rule. The strategy is transparent and moves forward at breakneck […]

  • The Tensions

    Luis Rubio As related by Herodotus, Xerxes, the Persian king of kings, conceived of the invasion of Greece as a ruler who believed he could do whatever he wanted simply because he was, well, the king. He turned a deaf ear to his counselors who warned him of the approaching dangers and dismissed whoever was […]

  • Do They Really Want Development?

    Luis Rubio Coins have two sides and, at this moment in time, that of the government does not tally. On the one hand, the budget assumes a sensitively higher growth rate next year compared to that of the year coming to an end. To achieve this feat, the government itself recognizes that a higher growth […]

  • Contrasts

    Luis Rubio In 2018 two contrasting, but equally representative and valid, Mexicos manifested themselves: that of an angry and resentful population that wanted to change its reality, although not in possession of a clear course, and the other, which wanted to have access to a modern education, successful global insertion and a true capacity for […]

  • The impossible Legality

    Luis Rubio The law says it, therefore it must be true. Cicero would have said: Lex dixit, verita est. Under this benchmark, if the law prohibits it, it does not exist: there are no abductions, there are no thefts, there are no homicides, there is no domestic violence. All because it is prohibited by law. […]

  • Wheel Without End

    Luis Rubio In memory of Rodolfo Tuirán The government changed and the citizenry’s perceptions changed, but what has not changed is that particularly Mexican propensity to destroy everything that exists to build something totally new, without taking advantage of either the good of the past or the lessons of previously committed errors. Each president thinks […]

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