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Auges e paradoxos de México

INFOLATAM México DF, 27 maio 2013 Por LUIS RUBIO (Especial Infolatam).- O México experimenta hoje um momento paradoxal. Por um lado, não há dia em que não se anuncie uma nova meta em matéria legislativa: a agenda de reforma que levava anos paralisada, subitamente cobrou um impulso inusitado. Por outro lado, as crises políticas se multiplicam por […]

Heydays and Paradoxes

INFOLATAM – Luis Rubio Mexico is experiencing a paradoxical moment at present. On the one hand, barely a day goes by that without a new milestone in legislative matters: the reform agenda that sat immobilized on the shelf has suddenly acquired uncommon impetus. On the other hand, political crises mushroom in all quarters: political parties […]

World of Confusions

Luis Rubio “Confusion of goals and perfection of means”, wrote Einstein, “seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age”. It appears he was thinking about Mexican politics. Today nothing is clear: what’s the role of the political parties and what’s that of the government? What’s the relationship between the executive and the legislature? What’s the […]

Control in the Era of Globalization

FORBES Luis Rubio In the independent Mexico there have been two eras of high economic growth: that of the Porfiriato at the end of the XIX Century and the good years of stabilizing development, between the forties and the end of the sixties of the XX Century. The political characteristic of both moments was centralization […]

Nature and Politics

Luis Rubio Is it possible for nature to be benevolent to some nations and ruthless with others? Judging by the way that a hurricane devastated Haiti some years ago, the answer would appear to be obvious. But that’s not the one that Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith provide in a book that not […]

Raise Ravens

Luis Rubio “Raise ravens and they’ll pluck your eyes out” goes the refrain that Carlos Saura employed in his movie “Cría cuervos y te Sacarán los ojos” so rightly. The same can be said for all of the unions, radical groups, dissidents and parallel organizations that the PRIists and their acolytes created over time with […]

Why Do They Fail?

 REFORMA Luis Rubio Mexican governments have been talking about reforms for decades. The issue has become a mantra: without reforms, they say, it is impossible to achieve high growth rates. Act Two, from the eighties on, a not inconsequential number of reforms have been proposed, the majority of which have had benign effects. In objective […]