Monthly Archives: August 2022

August 28, 2022

Failed Hybrid

Luis Rubio It is not clear whether they were betting on civilization, submission or, simply, on that material satisfaction would resolve other human aspirations, such as that of progressing, improving or participating in politics. The tangible fact is that Mexican governments from the sixties on have been betting that the Mexican citizen would endure anything […]

August 21, 2022


Luis Rubio The roof was falling in, the leaks had disappeared and were replaced by holes more than 30 centimeters in diameter where the rain, snow and trash came through. One would think that this was about an abandoned property in the middle of nowhere, but it was one of the Mexico’s most important embassies […]

August 14, 2022

The Nuclear Option

Luis Rubio The key to having an atomic bomb is to never use it:  it is the threat of its use that deters those possessing such a power. The same occurs with the negotiations between governments in ambits such as investment and commerce.  Although the risk is evidently less because what is at stake is […]

August 7, 2022

A New Fight

                                                                Luis Rubio Those who play with fire, goes the saying, get burnt. That is how the Mexican government is presently operating regarding the […]