Monthly Archives: August 2021

August 29, 2021


Development Luis Rubio The objective, as the president tells Mexicans once and again, is regime change. However, to judge by his actions, his true mission is that of concentrating power and eliminating any source of opposition or counterweight. Perhaps this would be a new regime as the president promised, but that is certainly not the […]

August 22, 2021

Inter Temporality

Luis Rubio The key to development lies in the joint action of millions of individuals exercising their freedom and making their own decisions, within the framework of rules established by the State. When those rules are coherent and, above all, derive from the recognition of human nature as it is and not how some politician […]

August 15, 2021

The Umpire

The Umpire Luis Rubio The function of the umpire in constitutional matters is that of breaking the ties among the other branches of government. In recent years, with the legislature in control of the executive, the sole guarantee of political and institutional stability has resided on the Supreme Court of Justice; but what happens when […]

August 8, 2021


Luis Rubio Inequality is one of the most powerful grievances and complaints that President López Obrador has raised and that enlivens many in his base. There are good reasons for that, which does not mean that the president is advancing toward their diminution: rather, everything he does has seems to be oriented toward heightening it. […]

August 1, 2021


Coercion Luis Rubio “The compulsion to silence others is as old as the urge to speak” affirms Eric Berkowitz* in an extraordinary study on censoreship. For nearly a century the post-Revolutionary Mexican government suppressed freedom of expression, engaged in all sorts of efforts to censure the media, controlled the conversation and curbed the entry into […]