Monthly Archives: April 2021

April 28, 2021

Biden and the Mexican Midterms

Mexico Institute 4/28/2021 By  Luis Rubio As the midterm elections draw closer, Mexico’s broken politics are beginning to take their toll. The independent electoral authority (INE), one of the country’s greatest institutional achievements after decades of fraudulent elections, is under fire by the AMLO and his party, which are also undermining the Supreme Court’s authority. The few remaining […]

April 25, 2021

The Supreme Court and Mexico’s future

 Mexico Today –  April  29 , 2021 Luis Rubio The Supreme Court stands alone among the three branches of government in Mexico to have undergone an in-depth reform in 1994 to match the political reality of the 21st century. This has conferred the Court a special character that its members have not fully embraced, however. Although […]

April 18, 2021

Votes and Mexico’s Government

  Mexico Today –  April  26 , 2021 Luis Rubio For years, Mexican citizens have been disenchanted with politics. First, economic reforms in the late 1980s were supposed to restore Mexico’s capacity to grow, and then the arrival of democracy around 2000 was supposed to curb corruption and bring Mexican politicians –allegedly the people’s representatives- closer to […]

April 16, 2021

Mexico’s Broken Politics

 Mexico Institute By  Luis Rubio    “All politics are local,” Tip O’Neil famously quipped. In Mexico, all politics today are about elections and especially about the midterms of June 6. From his inauguration, President López Obrador turned this election into a referendum of himself; in fact, he wanted to be on the ballot by creating a new […]

April 11, 2021

Mexico’s challenge: inclusion

Mexico Today –  April  15 , 2021 Luis Rubio  Inequality is a structural feature of Mexico: social background, geographical location, and the environment have built an uneven playing field since ancestral times. Mexico is not unique in having inherited a social structure and an orography that create unequal sociopolitical and economic conditions. Where Mexico does stand […]

April 4, 2021

China: Where to go from here and Mexico’s opportunity

Mexico Today –  April  7 , 2021 Luis Rubio   China has become a topic of endless debate: Will China replace the United States as the next superpower? Is China’s trademark authoritarianism superior to democracy? Is China’s seemingly unstoppable economic pace sustainable? These are all relevant questions. The attempts to answer them and define future scenarios […]