Monthly Archives: March 2018

March 25, 2018

Electoral Speculations

Luis Rubio With the Morena-Social Encounter Party Alliance in Mexico the 2018 elections took on a new twist. Whether due to conviction or strategic decision, merging an ostensibly leftist party with one that is clearly conservative unleashed great controversy: Is this a marriage of convenience or an association of two ideologically similar entities?  Whichever the case […]

March 18, 2018

Paradoxes of Power

Luis Rubio In his extraordinary book on Quetzalcoatl -the Aztecs’ Plumed Serpent- and the Virgin of Guadalupe, Jacques Lafaye affirms that all Mexicans are Guadalupanos, even the Atheists. One can almost add to this that all Mexicans are PRIsts, even the PANists. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is the origin of practically all of the […]

March 11, 2018

Thus begins the chaos

Luis Rubio At what point did Mexico get fucked? Thus begins Conversation in the Cathedral, the novel by Vargas Llosa, wondering about the moment when the decline of his country, Peru, began. Now, by consciously promoting it, it seems that the Mexican government is determined that Mexicans know that this process started at the beginning […]

March 4, 2018

Why Doesn’t It Work?

                                                      Luis Rubio Now that we are full swing, on all flanks, in the process of presidential succession, it is important to reflect on the opportunities and risks that the […]