Monthly Archives: October 2015

To the Devil with Education

Luis Rubio “The objective is to protect the union, defend its privileges and guarantee the source of support that teachers represent for electoral processes”. I don’t know whether that would be admitted by some PRIist strategist, but that has been the strategy of the Mexican government with respect to the teachers’ union from ancestral times. […]


Luis Rubio There is practically no governmental speech or relevant document in which the growth of the economy is not manifest as a cardinal objective. Economic growth is like a happiness elixir because it reduces tensions, solves problems and facilitates daily life, in addition to generating wealth, jobs and opportunities. It is not by chance […]

To Return to the Past

Luis Rubio Borges wrote that “everything is determined, but we must have the illusion of there being free will and that what occurs in history is the consequence of what happened before.” The illusion of recreating an idyllic past is tempting because it permits challenging the notion, brilliantly shattered by Manrique in theThe Couplets on […]

To Explain and Convince

Luis Rubio There are two theories on the incapacity of the country to break with its various forms of destructive inertia. Some argue that the country embodies cultural constraints that can be explained by anthropological and historical factors and that lead to rejecting a change in the way of being. Thus, these constitute a structural […]