Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Dilemmas of Productivity

    Luis Rubio In the book “The Power of Productivity”, William Lewis compares the construction industry in Brazil, the U.S., and Mexico. His conclusion is very simple: the Mexican worker without much education or many skills can be as productive as the most qualified German worker. What differentiates countries like Mexico and Brazil from […]

Leadership and Opportunity

Luis Rubio “When there is peace under the heavens”, says a Chinese proverb, “the big problems seem small”. When things work well, in normal mode, the defects or deficiencies slip into second place and no one by and large worries about them. Paradoxically, the status quo balks at remediating problems while making it nearly impossible […]

Deficit and Opportunity

Luis Rubio Two things are vital for a surgical procedure to be successful, my father used to say: the surgeon knowing what to do and how to do it. As the dedicated and meticulous surgeon that my father was, he never would “go into”, as he used to say, a patient if both conditions were […]

Politicians and Incentives

Luis Rubio A Canadian university professor was famous for never failing anyone in his classes. One day, some of his students argued in a debate that the policies of the government would eliminate poverty and would become a great equalizing factor of the society. Skeptical, the professor proposed an experiment to them: from that moment […]

Where Are We?

Luis Rubio The country is going through difficult times, which does not cease to be paradoxical to many. For the PRIists, who feel that they’ve “made it”, everything seemed to be moving forward without a hitch. For the general population, who just wants to live in peace, the sense of order that the new government […]

Migration and Responsibility

  Luis Rubio “No immigration reform can expect to be successful if it clashes with human nature”. That is the way Demetrios Papademetriou sums up his view with respect to the U.S. migratory reform in a report* that he presented in Mexico this week. The immigration issue involves millions of Mexicans and persons of other […]