Monthly Archives: April 2013

The CNTE and the Citizens

Luis Rubio The country continues to be divided, not only in positions and preferences but also in the concept of how Mexicans find themselves as a society. For some Mexicans blocking a highway is something natural and acceptable: all’s fair in love and war. For others the blocking of a means of communication constitutes a […]

The Economic Problem

Luis Rubio All the evaluations of the problems of the Mexican economy usually include: lack of credit, industrial plant competitiveness and the competition from (mostly Chinese) imports. Each of these symptoms possesses its own dynamic and structure of causality; what the three have in common is that, at heart, it’s the same problem. First off, […]

Democracy and Conflict

FORBES Luis Rubio One of the virtues that many scholars attribute to democracy is that nations adopting it tend to be less violent and much less inclined to enter into conflicts with others. According to this, democracy obliges governments and populations to resolve their problems through negotiation, which ordinarily debars open conflict. The theoretical logic […]

Mexico should take a more active stance on US immigration reform

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Opinion - By Luis Rubio / April 17, 2013  The Mexican government cannot afford the luxury of ignoring what is happening on immigration reform in the big and powerful North. And yet, it has taken a passive attitude. There are good historical reasons for this, but not a good one today. MEXICO CITY The Mexican […]