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December 30, 2012

My 2012 Readings

According to an old saying, one is what one reads. Reading is one of my passions and occupations: through books, articles, and assays I learn from others, I reflect on what’s happening in the world and I shape my ideas and judgments. Some readings offer a profound and broad view, others are characterized more by […]

December 23, 2012


The avatars of the bill on labor matters are suggestive of everything in which Mexico has advanced but also of the enormous distance it has yet to cover. The very idea of a preferential bill indicates that there is awareness of the need to adapt existing institutions, procedures and mechanics to times distant from those […]

December 16, 2012

Rules and Raptors

What comes first, adequate laws for a society to function or a citizenry that complies with them? The question is not an idle one.Successful countries have one thing in common:  the fact that there are clear rules of the game -also known as laws and regulations- for all social, economic, and political actors. In some […]

December 9, 2012

Abuse of the Moncloa Pact

The great absence in Mexican politics is an agreement on the how. Despite this, everyone is focused on the what.  After years of polarization, the Pact signed last week entertains enormous political symbolism and I do not wish to minimize its relevance. But the central disconnect of Mexican politics lies in the how because this […]

December 2, 2012

Where To Now?

In Arthur Koestler’s novel Darkness at Noon, Ivanov, thefaithful and long-sufferingbureaucrat, interrogatesRubachov, anoldrevolutionary leader, arrested for doubting the course his country had taken after the end of the Revolution. Emboldened, Rubashovassails Ivanov with a categorical phrase: “we made history, you only play politics”. The revolutionaries had fought to change history and now, in thevoice of […]