Monthly Archives: February 2011

February 27, 2011


Why improve if one can keep on being the same?  Why change if all is well? The natural tendency, perhaps the easiest, is to stay where we are, reject any change, and pretend that we are fine. As in the Middle Ages, our businesspeople take shelter behind the protector government in a search for the […]

February 20, 2011

Justice and the Law

Justice and legality ought to be identical and simultaneous, but it’s not always like that. Victims want justice independently of strict compliance with the law, while the accused rely on the letter of the law to avoid arbitrariness. The tension between these two fundamental principles of social coexistence is healthy, but not always easy to […]

February 13, 2011

Egypt and Mexico

The popular mobilizations in Egypt have opened up a great debate worldwide. Some governments, such as that of China, immediately declared a lockdown on all information sources deriving from this Arab country to avoid any possible “contagion”. European and U.S. public opinion has been tearing its hair out in a discussion that sometimes appears to […]

February 6, 2011


It is an image of great impact. Two brains of three-year-old children: one half the size of the other. The difference: that of the big brain, “normal”, is from a child who enjoys good treatment, love, familial interaction, and positive stimuli. The small brain is that of a child who has been ignored, abandoned, who […]