As an observer, analyst, and columnist, it has been my purpose to share my views and perspectives about the key issues of our time and for the evolution of the world and of Mexico in particular.

I do not subscribe to any dogmas or labels of left and right; I fervently believe in the possibility and need to maintain a balance, which does not imply neutrality. Rather it is the constant and intentional search for different perspectives and explanations that allows me to adopt and defend clear and opinionated postures.

I was raised within a liberal milieu, my transit through the university years taught me about the political literature of the Left. Later, I studied the American “institutionalist” political currents and learned the essential economic concepts.

I never cease to read and listen. I change my point of view when I learn new things, get to know other factors or when the reality changes. This process results in analyses and proposals through which I attempt to contribute to the development of an open, liberal and inclusive society with the opportunities, but also the limitations, that come together with economic reality.

I do not own any absolute truth. When I write I strive to explain things to myself and to my readers in a solid and reasoned way so that even those that do not share my views would find them worth reading.

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Recent Articles

  • Governance

    Luis Rubio A myth is circulating around Mexico: that of presidentialism without counterweights. This is nothing new. Between the exacerbated presidentialism of yesteryear including the legislative paralysis in recent decades, and now the new model of unipersonal government, Mexicans display a propensity for conceiving of the governance problem in a pendular manner, the latter yielding […]

  • Bargains

    Luis Rubio In memory of Luis Alberto Vargas Governments come and governments go, but one thing always stays: corruption. The actors change, but the phenomenon is perennial. And Mexico is not the exception to this: in his 1976 book on Russia, Hedrick Smith* writes “I think”, Ivan says to Volodya, “that we have the richest […]

  • Where is the Choke Point?

    Luis Rubio While the candidacies advance the political risks increase. There are three factors that drive the possibility of the country having to confront critical situations during next year. The first is the most obvious of these: the presidential cycle, everywhere in the world, follows a natural logic that initiates its ascendent phase during which […]

  • Leapfrogging

    Luis Rubio India advances uncontainable, but in an exceedingly peculiar manner, deftly skirting the obstacles imposed upon it inexorably by its extraordinary linguistic, religious and ethnic diversity.  An extremely complex and stratified society coming up against enormous barriers to progress, it has found innovative ways to break through fiefdoms, dogmas and ancestral practices. There is […]

  • (A)temporality

    Luis Rubio Between the seventies and the nineties, Mexico underwent an era of financial crises, the product in good measure of the laxity with which the public finances were managed: enormous deficits, huge levels of debt (mostly in foreign currency) and little attention to the profitability of the public investment. Between 1976 and 1995, Mexicans […]

  • Costs

    Luis Rubio In the early nineties, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Enrique Krauze explored the implications of those events on Latin-American countries, arriving at the conclusion that the last Stalinist would not die in the USSR, but rather in a university cubicle in Latin America. His sole error concerned the venue: the last […]

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