As an observer, analyst, and columnist, it has been my purpose to share my views and perspectives about the key issues of our time and for the evolution of the world and of Mexico in particular.

I do not subscribe to any dogmas or labels of left and right; I fervently believe in the possibility and need to maintain a balance, which does not imply neutrality. Rather it is the constant and intentional search for different perspectives and explanations that allows me to adopt and defend clear and opinionated postures.

I was raised within a liberal milieu, my transit through the university years taught me about the political literature of the Left. Later, I studied the American “institutionalist” political currents and learned the essential economic concepts.

I never cease to read and listen. I change my point of view when I learn new things, get to know other factors or when the reality changes. This process results in analyses and proposals through which I attempt to contribute to the development of an open, liberal and inclusive society with the opportunities, but also the limitations, that come together with economic reality.

I do not own any absolute truth. When I write I strive to explain things to myself and to my readers in a solid and reasoned way so that even those that do not share my views would find them worth reading.

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Recent Articles

  • The impossible Legality

    Luis Rubio The law says it, therefore it must be true. Cicero would have said: Lex dixit, verita est. Under this benchmark, if the law prohibits it, it does not exist: there are no abductions, there are no thefts, there are no homicides, there is no domestic violence. All because it is prohibited by law. […]

  • Wheel Without End

    Luis Rubio In memory of Rodolfo Tuirán The government changed and the citizenry’s perceptions changed, but what has not changed is that particularly Mexican propensity to destroy everything that exists to build something totally new, without taking advantage of either the good of the past or the lessons of previously committed errors. Each president thinks […]

  • It’s Fear…

    Luis Rubio The presidential strategy has been very clear: concentrate and consolidate his power. His expectation is that, on re-creating the schema of the strong presidency from one half century ago, the economy will automatically respond. The reality has proven to be quite different: private investment has contracted and the economy has decelerated, with a […]

  • Another Country

    Luis Rubio The Mexico-U.S. border is a peculiar world: part Mexican, part American and, at the same time, different from both. Above all, it is absolutely different from what it is imagined to be by Washington or Mexico City politicians. The border has come to acquire its own character due to its particular circumstances: the […]

  • In the Meanwhile…

    Luis Rubio While Mexico sprints toward an uncertain, irreproducible and, certainly undesirable past, the rest of the world runs at a frenzied speed. It is not only the fact of proceeding in reverse, but also that the inherent risks regarding what is destroyed along the way implies that the country will forfeit the possibility of, […]

  • False Premises

    In memory of Manuel Medina Mora Luis Rubio The streets are clean, tourism has exploded, merchants seem happy and hotels are full. Oaxaca seems to have finally broken with its historical impediments and enjoys a new moment of peace and growth. If it only were so easy. The only thing that has changed is that […]

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